Lemonjello's Coffee

Logo Identity

Branding + Design

Our relationship with Lemonjello’s began even before the concept of VSBL even existed. This cafe in Holland holds many fond memories for us and is considered to be our “first client”. This is a welcoming coffee house with a rich history. Lemonjello’s is a place to socialize, collaborate and build relationships. It is a place to belong.

In 2011, while working as a freelance designer, our Brand & Design Director was tasked with giving Lemonjello’s a new logo and identity. The request was simple, make the logo new and fresh while still communicating that feeling of warmth and belonging. This logo would go on to be used on mugs, menus, merch, and the web. The star, which is an element from the previous logo, was included to connect the old and new. A custom typeface was introduced to give the logo new life. Along with a logo, a comprehensive brand guide was supplied to the client as well.

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