Hope College

Hope Changes Everything

Photo + Video

To usher in the new school year, Hope College’s Campus Ministries department wanted to produce a video that acknowledged where we’ve been and acknowledge how far we’ve come over the past year and a half. During the COVID-19 pandemic there was grief, loss, and pain; but there was also innovation, community, and resilience.

Shot over the course of 2 days, with over 40 talent in over 10 locations, we crafted a piece that captured the emotions felt over the past 18 months to celebrate how far we’ve come, but yet acknowledge how far we have yet to go.

Written by: Paul Genzink, Natalia Connelly
Produced by: Katie Fox-Webb
Directed by: Paul Genzink
DP: Tyler Appel
Gaffer: Spencer Haydo
Grip: Lucas Kapla
Art Direction: Andy Madson-Olson
Production Help: Bruce Benedict, Jonny Yepez
Edited by: Paul Genzink
Color Grade: Ben Lemmen
Original Score: Grant Floering

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