Branding and Design

Branding + Design

By leaning on classic principles of design and a passion for problem solving, we create effective visuals which work to accomplish our clients goals. Every business has a unique personality, and that personality should be celebrated and shared with their audience. We are in the business of uplifting organizations and individuals through our love of branding and design.

Logo + Identity

Visual marks and elements that form the overall personality of a brand.

Brand Assets

Supplementary elements to support the brand identity.

Print Design

Design intended for physical mediums such as postcards, brochures, or books.


Creating, aligning, and structuring type in a visually appealing way.


A graphical representation created by using line, shape, and/or value.


Blending form, function, and visual appeal for products and their packaging.

Recent Branding and Design Work

Our Process

Our process allows us to explore, prototype, and refine our recommendations before being presented. We provide each client with a positive and painless experience, as well as products that allow them to do what they do best, better.

  1. alignment

    Our first step is to get to know you, your goals, and understand your “why.”

  2. discovery

    No strangers to rabbit trails, we dive into exploring any and all possibilities to accomplish your goals.

  3. concept

    Presenting our ideas and selecting the best path forward.

  4. creation

    This is when pen meets paper, cameras roll, and ideas take on a physical form.

  5. testing

    Once the idea has come to life, we vet the product to ensure it accomplishes its intended purpose.

  6. refinement

    Fine tuning the project based on feedback from testing and key stakeholders.

  7. implementation

    We release your project out into the world.

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